nestor Hotels

Our demand

The fulfillment of the constantly growing customer expectations towards quality and flexibility and the related consequent broadening of the range of services is the aim of the nestor hotels. To meet these customer demands without creating chain hotel monotony at the same time belongs to the individual character of each of these houses.

The architecturally innovative style, combined with high quality facilities and attractive gastronomic offers are, besides a wide range of wellness offers, standard in every house. The professional know-how of the team and the individual management style of the host ensure harmony.

The attention to the individuality of every guest, either by personal addressing, respond to special customer wishes or simply the natural friendliness of the employees, stands in the foreground.

Besides the location of the houses, safety, comfort and, not least, fair price structures are further significant aspects for the guest to feel at home.

For the different market segments, a price pattern with all the offered prices is available. The pricing policy is market-orientated, transparent and, for the customer, reliable as well as easily comprehensible. There are, depending on the facilities and the size, different room categories.

For the individual guest, there are three price groups: Weekdays, weekends and fairs/events. Room prices are exclusive of breakfast, the breakfast price varies, depending on the location, between 12.00 EUR and 16.00 EUR. The surcharge for the double room results from the plain additional costs of 6.00-10.00 EUR, depending on hotel location and room category.

Special price agreements for companies are determined solely by the booking volume. They are made only after an annual volume of 50 overnight stays per year is reached.

The recognition of new trends and their integration into the existing
range of services is a further significant factor for the success.

The continuous training of employees and the promotion of committed personnel increase the motivation and lead to additional business success. An aim thereby is also to appeal to the team spirit constantly – but also to live it- and to help the employees identify with their hotel.

Personality is our strength!
3 pillars to success


1. The people

  • Our guest and our employees are in the center of our actions.
  • Our guest is the source of our positive acting, his or her wishes our daily challenge
  • The satisfaction of our guests builds our motivation.
  • We try to live values such as acceptance, loyalty, fairness, honesty, tolerance, confidence, openness and humanity.

2. The product

  • Our aim is the hundred percent satisfaction of our guests
  • We offer individual hotels in the segments first class and upper
    middle class, currently in technology, comfort and design.
  • Our service is personal and of high, continuous quality.
  • We promote a positive attitude to life, human warmth and live culture.
  • We stand for an environmentally responsible behavior, for now and for the future.


3. The performance

  • We want growing economic success
  • We pursue and monitor our set aims
  • We want to bear responsibility, individually and together in a team
  • We measure our performances based on the satisfaction of our guests and our economic success – not on our competitors
  • The evaluation of our guests is our standard