Things to do and see

Experience Neckarsulm

Neckarsulm with its beautiful countryside offers a variety to discover. The town is popular for its automobile and two-wheeled vehicle history as well as for the vineyards in the surrounding area.

Here we provide a list of the most popular sights and attractions.

We have provided you with a small selection of information on your most important rights according to the EU 2015/2302 directive.

German two-wheeled vehicle and NSU-Museum

In the German two-wheeled vehicle and NSU-Museum in Neckarsulm you get an fascinating insight into the development of advanced technology. With more than 400 exhibits on 2000 sqm it is the largest historical collection of bikes in Germany.

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Audi factory and Audi forum Neckarsulm

In the exhibiton of the Audi Forum you get an exciting insight into more than a century of Audi and its traditional brands. You can experience the construction of an Audi during a guided tour in the Audi factory at the site Neckarsulm.

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Castle road "Burgenstraße"

The Castle Road from Mannheim to Prague takes you to well-fortified, massive castles, enchanted castle ruins, magnificent palaces and picturesque, half-timbered houses. Everywhere a bit of the past has stayed alive, and numerous museums and events tell of the ups and downs of such former times.

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Car and Technology Museum Sinsheim

At the Car and Technology Museum Sinsheim you can experience the adventure of technology in a unique form - exciting and always entertaining. Classical vintage cars, sports cars and the Formula-1 exhibition, airplanes, motorcycles, trucks, engines and musical instruments - around every corner there is something new to discover.

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Bad Wimpfen

The historical monument which characterises the look of Bad Wimpfen to this day was the largest Imperial Palace of its kind north of the Alps. Built in Staufian times, it comprises two imposing towers, the "Steinhaus" (Stone House), the Hohenstaufen Gate, the palace chapel and the arches.

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Castle Hornberg

Discover the knight`s castle Hornberg where in former times Götz von Berlichingen lived for about 45 years. Just below Castle Hornberg, the most famous castle on the river Neckar, the flourishing vines belonging to the vineyard of the same name advance in serried ranks up the hillside.

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Castle Guttenberg

The Guttenberg Castle was built in the Staufen era (about 1200) in order to protect the imperial palace in Bad Wimpfen. You find an exciting museum in the oldest preserved section of the castle which narrates the story of the fortress and describes the life of its original inhabitants across the centuries.

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Neckar cruises

The Neckar-Käpt’n fleet cruises upstream from Stuttgart to Plochingen and downstream from Stuttgart to Heilbronn. The ships are used as liner trips, round trips or for events. While you enjoy the comfort on board, the beautiful scenery can be admired.

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Amusement Park Tripsdrill

With more than 100 attractions, fun and action is guaranteed in the amusement park Tripsdrill. In the wildlife park a forest adventure path and barefoot path provide fascinating insights into nature and the environment. Tripsdrill offers a combination of two parks for the price of one. With so many ways to relax and things to enjoy, it is the perfect getaway for children and adults.

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